Pitagora Information Management & Information Technology Division (IMIT) is a Canadian‑owned professional services firm with over 20+ years of experience dedicated to the provision of:


  • Strategic Management consulting,
  • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management consulting,
  • ITIL Service Management consulting,
  • Systems Development consulting, and
  • Data Management consulting


    to clients in Canada and internationally.  We strive to be a business partner in the development and implementation of integrated business solutions and the development and implementation of restructuring and alternative service delivery initiatives. Our primary focus is to assist our clients in becoming more effective, cost‑efficient and client‑service oriented.



Pitagora Systems Corporation's approach is to work in close partnership with each client to identify the issues and needs, assess viable options, and develop the appropriate solutions based on our comprehensive understanding of business and government environmental sensitivities, organizational realities, current trends and technological solutions. Unlike many other consulting organizations, we are able to not only provide practical and pragmatic advice, but are also capable and equipped to assist our clients in the development and implementation of recommended solutions.



The strength of PSC is the experience, expertise and credibility of our consulting professionals and the strategic alliances we have established with specialized and reputable independent firms and individuals.  Through the diverse experience of our consultants and partners, we can provide total turn-key solutions to meet your objectives and obtain results.



Pitagora Industrial & Specialty Gases Division (ISGD) offers over 15+ years of experience of providing products and services, developing solutions for pure gases and mixed specialty gases for all types of process control and instrument calibration applications. We specialize in specialty gases for:


  • Laboratory,
  • Semi-conductor,
  • Environmental monitoring,
  • Medical clinics,
  • Dential clinics,
  • Electronic applications,
  • Vehicle,
  • Industrial, and
  • Food & Beverage


We also provide high-performance gas handling equipment including pressure regulators, manifolds, point-of-use-panels, gas cabinets and turnkey gas distribution systems. Our specialty gases are available in various sizes of returnable high-pressure cylinders. Many of our specialty gases are also available in small, economical Pitagora transporable cylinders.


Pitagora Specialty Gases combines technology-driven products with value-added services to help customers take cost out of using specialty gases and related gas equipment.


The Pitagora Specialty Gases - Solutions Center provides technical assistance with specialty gas and gas equipment applications.


Pitagora Specialty Gases is integrated as part of Pitagora Systems Corporation, we provide our customers even greater value and diversity of products and services. As part of Pitagora Systems Corporation family, we now can take advantage of many if its areas of expertise, approach, knowledge, and experience while still offering the same high-performance products for which Pitagora Specialty Gases is known for.


Quotations and in-depth product assistance for custom specialty gas products are available.