Pitagora’s ITIL Service Management Consulting Group is being lead by a principle with an ITIL Master designation.  Along side with Pitagora’s experienced professionals will help make for a winning implementation of ITIL best practices. ITIL / ITSM consulting services are offered into the areas of:

·         ITIL Implementation

·         ITIL Process Consultancy

·         ITIL Service Desk


ITIL Implementation

Our consultancy services use the ITIL process and are designed to help you take control of IT Infrastructure through the following steps:

·         Assessment

·         Architect and Design

·         Implementation

·         Manage



Our ITIL Process consultancy services help you identify and prioritize your improvement areas logically - because the reality is that not everything can be improved at once. By quickly identifying specific processes that need immediate improvement, along with the cost it involves, we give you a clear picture of what needs to be done on a priority basis.

We do and present a complete GAP analysis to give you real picture of the present managed set of IT Infrastructure.

Architect and Design

If you are planning to upgrade or overhaul your existing IT infrastructure, you need independent expert advice in making the correct business decision.

Our architecture and design consultancy service ensures an optimum process solution that meets your organization's business needs. Our holistic approach helps you develop a business case, select and implement the right tools, train your professionals and manage project risk appropriately.

We help you buy and implement multiple systems products and are adept at suggesting the right solutions for your specific processes. Further, the fact that we provide high-class infrastructure management services ensures that our consultancy advice is sound.


If you need help to implement and manage IT restructuring within your organization, our implementation service (using the ITIL framework) will help you build the foundations for successful business and IT transformation.

We can help with technical implementation, testing, and training all activity points and resources which are critical for success and can improve processes such as user/security administration, asset management and help desk.


To ensure the continued success of your IT environment, you may need our consultancy services. We can provide you with ITIL Process Consultancy, first-class knowledge management and experienced IT personnel-giving you the confidence to manage your IT. How your organization will benefit:


·         Strengthen your competitive edge

·         Align IS/IT strategy with the overall business strategy

·         Manage and reduce risk as well as costs

·         Implement changes faster

·         Improve reliability and availability of service, leading to improved customer satisfaction

·         Make suppliers and partners become more integrated and service focused

·         Make possible benchmarking with other organization


ITIL Process Consultancy


Our ITIL Process Consultancy services are geared to assist organizations in managing the complex tasks of defining, developing and delivering technology-enabled solutions and treat IT Management as a strategic business unit.

Our ITIL process consulting service focuses on enabling IT processes such as service desk, security management, incident and problem management, IT operations, configuration management, release management, capacity and availability management.

We work closely with our clients to optimize their IT infrastructure by focusing on processes, technology issues and associated human resources that helps them control costs and enhances their customer service levels.

We follow the ITIL framework process and ISO standard in providing consultancy services. This compliance assures that our solutions adhere to industry best practices and that it will be scalable.

Our industry-leading consultants can help you with:


·         Management of Change

·         Service Process Re-engineering

·         Cultural Change Programs

·         Project/Program/Portfolio Management

·         Interim Management

·         Tool selection, implementation and integration



ITIL Service Desk


Our ITIL Process Consultancy services ITIL Service Desk include:


·         Incident Management

·         Problem Management

·         Change Management

·         Configuration Management

·         Release Management

·         Service Level Management

·         Financial Management

·         Service Continuity

·         Capacity Management

·         Availability Management