Pitagora Industrial & Specialty Gases offers a complete line of Food and Beverage gases for Draft Beer systems, Food packaging gases and food freezing systems.  We offer a range of sizes as well as grades of gases.  PSC can also offer preblended packaging gas mixtures as well as custom mixtures.  We will work with our clients to help optimize the gases being used as well as the size of these gases to eliminate the need to stock extra cylinders or larger than required cylinders.  We can supply both compressed cylinders as well as Liquified Gases.


Pitagora will work with you to design systems to distribute the gases wherever you need.  We can offer complete turnkey systems.  Pitagora will do the design and installation making us a one stop shop for all your gas requirements.


We also offer gas generating systems for Nitrogen to use in conjunction with CO2 or other gas supply.  This will give you the ability to make your own custom gas blends onsite and change on the fly as you change processes or beer suppliers.


Pitagora also has in house Draft Line cleaning specialists.  We can offer Monthly cleaning or whatever frequency suits your needs.  Pitagora is working with some of the largest Draft Beer and Wine suppliers to create a completely integrated solution for their clients.  We can offer complete system repairs as well as new beer line installations as your Draft Beer program expands.