Pitagora Systems Development Consulting Group has over 20+ years of experience and provides software development consulting services that help you deliver high-quality solutions on time and within budget. We help countless of organizations in Canada, USA and around the world implement software engineering best practices that are best-suited for their needs.



Best Practices Implementation


Practical, results-driven direction to help you adopt the software best practices that are best for you. Software best practices are software engineering techniques, methods, approaches, and lifecycles that are proven to reduce development time, lower costs, and improve quality just what every software development team needs.

But no matter how proven these best practices are, not all of them are appropriate for your particular project or situation. In order to get results and the highest return on investment, you need expert assistance that is customized to your needs. That’s where Pitagora comes in.

We are experts in software best practice implementation, and we’re here to make software best practices work for you.

Our consultants and instructors are knowledgeable in both leading-edge trends and time-tested practices. This allows us to draw on a wide range of techniques and practices to find the most relevant and cost-effective fit for you.

·         Best Practice Selection

·         Capability Identification

·         Framework & Methodology

·         Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Approach

·         Integrating Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) and SDLC



Software Development Audit


Expert software development audits and practical plans that start where you are and get you where you need to go.

Every organization gets to a point of needing to make major change. Knowing where you stand in terms strengths and shortcomings helps determine the right changes to make, and the right way to make them, to get you to your goals.

Pitagora's software development audits help you evaluate your processes and practices to see what’s working, right along with what’s not. We look at the best practices you are currently using and how they are being used, identify gaps between your current practices and industry best practices, and determine which best practices and practice changes will meet your needs.

In the end, you get prioritized recommendations oriented to your specific short-term or long-term goals.

·         Software Engineering Benchmark

·         Organizational Assessment

·         Project Assessment

·         Post Audit Support



Framework / Methodology Software Practice Adoption


Customized consulting services to help you adopt Framework / Methodology or find an even better fit for your needs. Wondering which framework / methodology will best meet your company's needs, or if one is the right approach to begin with? Interested in adopting more effective and efficient set of practices into an existing lifecycle? Unsure whether you have the right mix of agility, predictability, and visibility?

Whether you're a lean team of ten or an organization of 2000+, Pitagora provides the answers and practical guidance you need to successfully implement SDLC practices.

Our consultants are knowledgeable in both leading-edge trends and time-tested best practices. From our work with hundreds of companies across industries, we understand that each team, project, and organization is unique, and we know how to find the right fit  every time.



Organizational Improvement


Practical guidance to help you get peak performance across your entire organization. Organizational improvements can take your software development organization to a whole new level of productivity. But even considering an organizational improvement effort can be daunting.

For most organizations, the process is overloaded with questions.

Which changes will best help you achieve your goals?

Does your staff have the skill and knowledge necessary to make the changes?

Should change be incrementally adopted, or deployed throughout the organization all at once?

Pitagora helps you answer these questions and more. We work with you to select and implement the methodology and practices that lead to the improvements and the results that matter the most. Our consultants are knowledgeable in both leading-edge trends and time-tested best practices and have put them to work for hundreds of companies in numerous industries.

·         Improvement Planning

·         Improvement Programs

·         Professional Development

·         Quality Programs

o    Quality Planning

o    Quality Assurance

o    Quality Control



Design & Code


Your software's design and code quality directly impacts your bottom line. Systems that lack maintainability, scalability, performance, or reliability can cause missed customer commitments, maintenance headaches, and reduced business performance. Our technical consultants use their deep and broad expertise to uncover and help remediate risks that may be present "under the hood" of your software.

·         Due Diligence

·         System Evaluation

·         Code Assessment

·         Technology Assessment & Selection



Project Recovery


Comprehensive project recovery assistance to get your troubled project back on track fast. Most software development organizations end up with a troubled or failing project at some point. And there are any number of reasons for project failure, including ill-defined or inappropriate requirements, poor project planning and management, uncontrolled quality problems, or inaccurate estimates.

Pitagora helps you address and correct these issues in order to recover your failing project, and put it back on track.

Not only do we pinpoint the major issues that are sabotaging project success, we provide expert, unbiased insights based on years of project recovery experience.