Pitagora-X Semi-space Encryption Algorithm

There is a need in the Internet community for an unencumbered encryption algorithm with a range of key sizes and complexity that can provide security for a variety of cryptographic applications and protocols.


This document describes an algorithm that can be used to satisfy this requirement.


This document describes the Pitagora-X semi-space encryption algorithm, a cryptosystem which appears to have good resistance to differential cryptanalysis, linear cryptanalysis, and related-key cryptanalysis.  This cipher also possesses a number of desirable cryptographic properties, including an absence of weak and semi-weak keys.  It thus appears to be a good candidate for general-purpose use throughout the Internet community wherever a cryptographically-strong, freely-available encryption algorithm is required or desired.


Pitagora has developed the following white paper to communicate the elaboration and the proof of concept of the Pitagora-X Semi-space encryption algorithm.


In addition, this algorithm could be used in the following applications for Authorization and Identification (I&A) parts 1 to 3:


1.      Something you “KNOW” (ex. Password or pin number)

2.      Something you “HAVE” (ex. Entry Security Smartcard, Token or Radio Frequency Smartcard)

3.      Something you “ARE” (ex. Finger print, Eye retina scan, or DNA information)